Kids are honest

Kids are honest

After this photo shoot, I took off my make up and changed clothes. X'Zavier, my number three, had this odd look on his face as if he was confused. So, he turns to me and says...

X"Zavier: Mom what happen to your make up?

Me: I took it off.

X'Zavier: How did you take it off.

Me: Soap and water.

X"Zavier: Oh that’s why your face doesn't look smooth anymore.

Me: My face isn’t smooth? (I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.)

X'Zavier: No (With confidence)

Kids are so honest! But at least I was a cute for moment. Every now and again we have to get all dressed up and show these kids how we use to get down before they came along.   

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Remember self care is the best care. Please, take some time to take care of you! 

~DeQuita Means 

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