Summer isn't over!!! Take a train ride!

Summer isn't over!!! Take a train ride!

 This adventure all started with four of the six of the Means tribe. Myself, hubby, X'zavier, age 9 and Zhuri age 6. My first thought was absolutely  not..not 6 days on the a train with these two. But, then I realize how great the experience would be for them. So, I put those other thoughts aside and decided to take the trip. 

We took the California Zephyr where we traveled from Chicago - Denver - Glenwood Springs - Emeryville (San Francisco). OMG, the site seeing was amazing. We went through the scenic Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada. Where we saw rivers, canyons and deserts, through the states of Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California. 

It took 3 days there and 3 days back, a total of 6 days. The kids did amazing. Better than I thought they would! They even took their own videos for their vlogs.  They had fun in the sleeper cars and being that we homeschool, it was just enough space to pull out workbooks. The kids were able to choose their meals, lunch and dinner. As well as have a snack at the conservatory car for a larger view. 

The interaction with the conductor was an amazing experience for the kids. They were able to ask questions and he gave them a few site seeing quizzes. Everyone else on train were nice as well, including our car attendant. She was so patient with our kids, answered their questions and made sure we had what we needed. 

I would definitely be booking another trip for the whole family! It ended up being a great trip! 

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